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When you set up your sign in. You will join others who have added their names to the Sankofa Retreat™ 2021. You will also gain access:

  • Inaugural "Ancestry" residential retreat program

  • The Sankofa Retreat App™ while on retreat

  • Retreat "Cultural Identity Journal™"

  • The Table Talk Post to begin the conversation

  • The Sankofa Sessions™ Podcast 

  • Begin the Sankofa Retreat online pre-retreat program

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The Afrikan Way of Being ™ 
Cultivating Cultural Identity
Healing through Honoring our Experiences
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S A N K O F A  R E T R E A T S

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The Afrikan Way of Being
Sankofa Retreats are a series of year round retreat gatherings of the diaspora for the purpose of...
  • Healing racial trauma through cultural identity, sensitivity, empathy, and respect.
  • Honoring our cultural afrikan ancestral birthright which is our "Right of Passage".​​
  • To connect with our families and our heritage. 
  • To secure our legacy by celebrating our diverse culture.
Our sense of home begins with respecting and honoring our diverse cultural identities.
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Connecting with our roots

through our family lineage while exploring our

Afrikan culture 

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Developing an enriched

cultural identity

through an inherited 

cultural ancestry

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Planting seeds of compassion, nurturing family and ancestral culture to foster healing for generations to come

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Your Host

Keita Kora is your founding host and is the Managing Director of Seven Circles Retreat Center where the Sankofa Retreats are held.

Kelly Baker is a LMFT as well as a Yoga instructor. Her company is Onyx Trauma Healing Center.

Lakiba Pitman is a adjunct professor working on her PHD and is a certified USC Cultivating Compassion Instructor.

Host: You will meet other program facilitators that make this overall experience possible.


Keita Kora

Managing Director


Kelly Baker



Lakiba Pitman

Adjunct Professor

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Sankofa Journals

The Sankofa Journals are curated Afro-Centric articles designed to inspire, educated, inform, and to get us thinking about our place in the world. The three volumes are:


Keita's Volume 1 and feature Afrikan history, music, repatriation, and more.


The Emancipate Afrika volume features over 100 articles on the freedom of colonized Afrikan peoples.

The Diaspora volume among others highlights the return home and a way of Afrikan being. 

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The Afrikan Soul

Music moves the soul the following selection are the sounds of the Sankofa Retreats. We have curated music that will stir the soul.


Our ancestors are from all over Afrika - the soul of our being has its start in Afrika. The Afrikan soul has been carried into our modern music and has become our Blues, R&B, RAP, Soul music, and every other genre of music from the Afrikan experience.


I could go on...but just listen to the Sankofa Retreat sampler playlist.

The Sankofa Retreat Playlist

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