Devorah Major

Born and raised in California, Devorah Major served as San Francisco’s Third Poet Laureate (2002-2006). She has two novels published An Open Weave and Brown Glass Windows that have been called both science fiction and magic realism. She also has a number of science fiction short stories published in anthologies and magazines including Stories for Chip and So Long Been Dreaming. A Willow Press Editors Choice awardee, her seventh book of poetry califia’s daughter was published by Aquarius Books/Willow Press in July  2020.

This collection, as well as two previous collections, includes poems focused on her fascination with the stars and the way the ancient past holds hands with the future. She also works as a poet-in-residence in schools and cultural institutions and teaches writing part-time as a senior adjunct professor at California College for the Arts. Devorah Major performs her work nationally and internationally with and without musicians.