Glenn Parris

A board-certified rheumatologist, author Glenn Parris has practiced medicine in the Northeast Atlanta suburbs for more than 25 years. He’s been writing for nearly that long. Originally from New York City, Parris migrated south to escape the cold and snow and fell in love with Southern charm and Carla, his wife of 27 years.

He now writes cross-genre books in medical mystery, Afrofuturism, science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. The Renaissance of Aspirin, a Jack Wheaton medical mystery, was his debut novel. Also look for Unbitten: A Vampire Dream for Halloween!  Dr. Parris’s short story "The Tooth Fairies: Quest for Tear Haven" is now available in the Outland Entertainment new faerie stories anthology,Where the Veil is Thin, edited by Alana Joli Abbot and Cerece Rennie Murphy.